How to Let Go of What You Fear to Lose

Fear is the root of suffering. Yet, if you are not in any real danger, then your fear is not real. You are not meant to suffer in fear. In fact, by holding onto fear too long you begin to attract into your life that which you fear will happen. Instead you need to look at fear differently. Fear tells you where you need to go or what you need to address within yourself. The fear of losing something in your life like your money, job, partner, lifestyle, health, or anything that matters to you can be deep rooted and seem too hard to release. Your mind can’t find a sufficient solution to your problems so you live with your fears by avoiding your fears, ignoring them, or even mentally pushing against them. This may give you a sense of temporary release, but your fears are still there wanting to be addressed. The more you push against your fears, the stronger they become. If your fear is not real, then what is it? Your fear is asking you to address it, to set new intentions that lead to new actions for your own benefit and growth. You can only release your fear by facing it (in your mind or in your reality) by acknowledging it (this is a fear you hold), and then setting new intentions for yourself. Yes, your fear is asking you to set new intentions! That’s it. Your new intentions will take care of the rest. You cannot “hope” something won’t happen, but you can intend for something positive to happen. There is a big difference energetically. By ignoring your fears and hoping for the best, your fear is still there vibrating at a low frequency waiting to manifest. You might find that every once in a while, something negative happens that amplifies your fears further. This is the Universe giving you a message to address what you are fearing. By acknowledging your fear, and then setting an intention that addresses specifically what you fear, you take your power back. Your energy moves from fear to courage. The Universe supports courage in positive ways. Facing your fears can be a scary and undesirable. Therefore, it is easier to avoid them. But if you take it step by step, and align yourself on the inside first with what it is you truly desire, you will see how the Universe supports you. By shifting from fear to focus, you can create your positive reality. Here are a few steps to help you let go of what you fear to lose:
  1. Ask yourself:
    1. What are my deepest fears?
    2. Have you carried these fears with you for a long period of time?
    3. Are you getting signs that these fears need to be addressed?
    4. Are your fears getting stronger?
  2. If you answered yes to b-d, then it’s time to address your fears by setting new intentions. If you fear ill health, then set an intention that you will go to the doctor more regularly or get proper treatment. If you fear loss of income, then set an intention to get a new job or to be open to new income generating opportunities. If you fear losing a partner, set an intention to discuss the problems with him/her. You need to set an intention that directly addresses your fear. This intention needs to be believable for you, and it needs to make you feel empowered.
  3. After you set your new intentions, feel gratitude for what you have and what you intend to create for yourself. See it in your mind, and more importantly feel it in your body. When you feel gratitude, there is no room for fear.
  4. Detach from the outcome of your intentions. Do not worry about the outcome. Remember the Universe has your back. Your new positive intentions have power. Have faith your moving in the right direction.
  5. Take action towards your intention. Make the doctor’s appointment, send out your resume, keep working on your business, or do whatever your new intentions direct you to do. Take small steps, and ease your way forward. They don’t need to be big and bold, but keep moving towards your goal in a way that feels right to you. Pay attention and listen to where you are being guided.
Do not take action from a place of fear. Let your fear subside. Your new intentions will start to release the hold your fear has on you. When your fear has shifted to focus, it’s time to take action. Remember, you do not need to worry about having all the answers now. You are getting way ahead of yourself if you do, and this just creates more fear. Your first and most important step is to hear what your fear is telling you, and create new intentions around that. Create what you want, and stop fearing what you don’t want.

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