Waking Up from the Dream

Are you starting to feel that everything seems surreal right now, and not in a good way?

Are you feeling like life as you knew it has somehow changed overnight?

You are not alone. Everyone is feeling a major shift in their reality given what is happening in our world today. Our reality is changing and all of this change and uncertainty can be quite destabilizing.

Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, everyone is being shaken to truly wake up. To wake up to the power they have within themselves to live life above all the fear, and to more fully rely on their inner guidance in order manage their own well-being and the well-being of others.

When you realize you cannot turn to the outside world to make you feel better, you realize you need to go within. Tap into your inner wisdom and guidance. Know you are being protected and supported by a much greater power.

What keeps me centered is that I tend to believe that there is always a reason why things happen. There is some meaning, some benefit, and some miracle that can be born from challenges if we choose to see and expect it. We all have the power to create our reality by how we see our world.

Finding inner balance, calm, and peace in highly disruptive times will allow you to manage the challenges with grace and more ease.

This is the time to wake up from the dream that we are controlled by our external physical reality. There are greater forces at work that we cannot see. By releasing your fear to the Universe, you let the love and light of the Universe come into your life undistorted. This is the power the heals your world.

Every time you begin to feel worry or fear, gently remind yourself that you are blocking the healing power of the Universe from working through you. Turn off the news or social media and focus on what brings you joy or gives you peace.

Times like this can make us stronger manifestors as our awareness expands, our mental strength increases as we consciously choose more supportive thoughts, and our faith deepens. You have more control over your dream than you realize.

Take the time to develop a daily meditation practice to calm your mind and manage your fears. With many of us staying at home, you can more easily find time to commit to a meditation practice.

Sit still for at least 10 minutes every morning. I personally like to do a minimum of 20 minutes. I typically mix up the kind of meditations I do depending on how I am feeling. Lately, I have been doing mantra meditations to find inner peace and stillness and to more clearly hear my own inner guidance.

Here is one that is simple to do that I have found stills my mind fairly quickly and gives me peace. I hope it brings you peace too.

Kirtan Kriya

Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma

  • Sit upright, cross legged with your eyes closed.
  • Have your hands rest on your knees facing up.
  • Chant Sa Ta Na Ma
  • When you chant Sa have your thumb press against your index find.  Move your thumb to the middle finger for Ta, then the ring finger for Na, and finally the pinkie finger for Ma.

Here is a video I found on YouTube to guide you.  You can also search “Sa Ta Na Ma” on Spotify for the mantra music.

Stay Centered and Safe. Don’t forget to keep your thoughts positive! You have the power to manifest a positive reality through this challenging time by rising above the fear.

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