How to Embrace the Unknown

There are points in our lives that we find ourselves in times of uncertainty.  The future is unknown. Big life changes often trigger this such as job loss, illness, divorce, graduation, and so on.  Uncertainty or the unknown can feel very unnerving. Usually, there is fear that settles in when we don’t know what is next.  Our mind holds onto negative “what if” scenarios. This can feel paralyzing and it definitely does not feel good.

The world we live in a world of infinite possibilities, and in every moment you are making a choice as to what to think, feel, speak, or do.  As a result, we live in a world of infinite choices.  

You can create new things in your life by making new choices, and you can experience the same things by making the same choices.  It all comes down to taking the time to consciously decide what you want in your life based on what lies in your heart.

In order to experience your greatest potential, your greatest joy, or your deepest fulfilment, your life need to be disrupted.  The Universe takes you out of your perceived security and you find yourself in a place of uncertainty. It is only in the place of the unknown, that you are able to truly be in the space of all possibility.  In this space, all things are possible. You become open to something new, something better, something that is more aligned with who you are. It is only when the old falls away, can true transformation happen.

If you are currently living in the space of the unknown, not knowing what is next, and feeling fear or anxiety about the future, you are exactly where you need to be.  Energetically and spiritually, you are in a very exciting space where you can begin to make a real shift in your life towards something truly wonderful. You just need to reframe where you are by embracing the unknown, by feeling your fear, and by letting where you are excite you.

By feeling your fear, and shifting it into excitement you become a powerful magnet for positive change.  Remember Fear is energy. Its strong and powerful. By acknowledging the energy and by consciously directing it in a direction that supports you, positive change begins to happen.

Here are a couple of ways to help you embrace the unknown, so you can begin to manifest what you desire in your heart.

  1.  Sit with you fear and feel it.  Really feel the energy that is in your body.  Feel it’s strength. Do not try to push it away or ignore it.  If you do, it will keep coming back at full force. Instead acknowledge it.  Send this feeling, Love. Do this by, telling yourself that you love this feeling.  This may sound strange, but tell yourself you love this feeling. Focus on the feeling only, and do not get caught up on the thoughts that have created this feeling.

    The feeling of fear and anxiety is creative energy.  Let this feeling in your body excite you. Tell yourself that the feeling in your body is actually excitement.  Your body knows what your mind does not. Your mind may think it’s something negative, but your body knows this feeling is positive and supportive but it needs to be directed accordingly. Therefore, let this feeling excite you and inspire you.  Enjoy the feeling. You will soon forget what you were fearing.

  2. Know that on the other side of your fear is something exhilarating.  So keep moving forward. Recently, I went to an amusement park with my children.  My son wanted to go on this ride that is considered the tallest rollercoaster in the world.  I was terrified. I had never been so scared to go on a ride before. I was definitely feeling major fear, but I knew I has to go for my son.  The moment we sat on the ride, my fear stopped because I knew there was no turning back. When the ride took off, it was exhilarating. I found myself actually enjoying this crazy ride.  Afterwards, I found it interesting how much I tortured myself with fear before experiencing the best ride I had ever been on. The lesson for me was that the fear was not real. You need to keep moving forward despite the fear and know that life is taking you on the ride of your life.

When you are living in a space of uncertainty and life seems unknown, remember you are in one of the most powerful times in your life.  This is a true period to create what you desire for yourself in your heart. Re-frame your situation. Feel excitement. Begin to smile, and let yourself be guided towards new and exciting possibilities.

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