Corporate Workshops

Increase productivity, engagement, positive energy, and positive results.

In the world today we are seeing increased levels of breakdowns, stress, division, and anxiety. This is reflected in our work environment as businesses change, roles change, expectations increase, and resources are tight. We find ourselves working harder but are not necessarily achieving our desired goals.

You, your team, and your business does not need to sacrifice mental and physical health to have an impact, create value, and achieve your goals.

In this mind expanding workshop you will learn how to access and correctly use your inner resources in order to most efficiently and effectively achieve your desired goals. Through the use of mindfulness and meditation, you will learn how to create a desired outcome.

In order to manifest something on the outside you need to first create it within. By doing so correctly you minimize stress and struggle and maximize impact.

Through ½ day, 1 day, and 2 day workshops, your teams will gain a solid understanding of how positive change starts from within. They will learn practical steps and powerful practices that when put into daily practice create immediate change and positive transformation.

Contact me for details and booking.

Group Training

Ignite Your Hidden Light.

In 2 hour training sessions conducted in the NY and NJ area, you will receive a powerful overview of key knowledge and practices that you can immediately apply to your life for positive transformation. Learn how to create a desired outcome or achieve a positive goal by going within. Join me at my next event.

Upcoming Events

speaking engagements

If you would like to have me at your next event or interview please contact me for availability.

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