How to Use the Power of Polarity

Everything in this world is dual in nature.  From absolute oneness comes duality and, as a result, everything has two sides or opposites from which we are able to choose what side we wish to experience.  Everything must have an opposite, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to experience that thing. You can’t have good without bad, up without down, or success without failure.  One cannot exist without the other. Without sadness, you would never know what happiness is. It would just be.

Opposites are two sides of the same coin.  Polar opposites are connected energetically. They sit are opposite sides of the same energy spectrum.  For example, love sits at one end of the energetic spectrum of emotion and fears sits at the other. Both are the same thing (emotion) but they sit at opposite ends of the spectrum.  This applies to all opposites including challenges and opportunities, lack and abundance, and success and failure. Opposites are two sides of the same coin, and you have the power to choose what side you want to experience by shifting your energy with your focus.

By understanding the power of polarity, you will be able to more easily move through challenges and consciously create more positive experiences in your life. Your power is the knowledge that contained in everything is the potential for the exact opposite of the same degree or better.  This means that within everything you perceive as negative, is the potential for something positive.

Remember that everything is energy, and you have the ability to harness and transform energy into something that serves you.  You do this with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Within every failure is the seed of success. Within every challenge is the seed of opportunity.  

In order to experience the positive, you must believe that with every negative comes a positive, and then choose to believe the positive is on its way.  

Here are some tips on how to use the power of polarity to create something positive from something negative.

  1. Step one is to KNOW that when you are going through a challenging time, you WILL receive something better on the other side.  Challenges and opportunities are energetically connected. Your belief is what moves you towards the positive you desire.KNOW you will receive the equivalent degree of something positive or better.  It has to be.


  2. Step two shift your thoughts and feelings away from your loss and focus it on what you will gain.  Even if you do not know what that is, move into the feeling of possibility for something good. The harder it feels to shift your thoughts, when you do it the greater the reward, because this is the secret power of polarity. 
  3. Finally, use your words to create a belief in something better.  Say out loud, “I better get something really good on the other side of this situation”.  Make the command to the Universe.

Understanding and applying the power of polarity is extremely powerful in getting through challenging situations and making big shifts in your life.  Remember that within every difficult situation, you have the power to create your positive reality by shifting your focus from your loss to what you will gain on the other end.

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