Wax On Wax Off

Wax On Wax Off

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In this episode I talk about how we are all going through a spiritual training right now.  Everything we are doing or being led to do has a meaning.  Whether you spent the last few months taking up home projects like me, doing new things, taking care of others, learning new skills, or just found more time to rest and just be – it’s all for a reason.  I talk about how seemingly small unrelated things are actually preparing us for bigger things in our life.  It’s like the movie The Karate Kid when the main character Daniel does not understand how doing chores has anything to do with learning Karate.  It’s eventually revealed to him that everything he was doing prepared him to reach his ultimate goal.  Similarly, everything you have done in the last six months is preparing you to be ready for changes to come.  In this episode, I share three suggestions/reminders to help you shift into the Fall Season feeling ready and prepared to realize the positive change and spiritual growth you desire deep inside of you.

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