The Debate and Your Mirror

The Debate and Your Mirror

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In this episode I reflect upon the first presidential debate of 2020 and how it was such a trigger.  From feeling so off the next morning to seeing that maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. As we are all confronted with things that upset us and make us angry or annoyed, remember we are collectively going though a significant change.  We are constantly being shown things the need to change for the better.  Change must start from within before we see it reflected on the outside.  In this podcast I talk about the Mirror Effect.  How everything in your reality is a reflection of what is in you.  We are not separate from our reality but directly connected to it.  Therefore, when we are triggered by outside events or people, we need to see it as a mirror, and as an opportunity to think differently and do better.  I share three suggestions/reminders on how to manage through these triggering times and learn what it is you need to do when they happen.

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