Confusion Will Lead to Clarity

Confusion Will Lead to Clarity

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In this episode I talk about the fact that we are all feeling confused about what is going on in the world right now.  Therefore, It is important to recognize your confusion and not just ignore it.  Ask yourself – Why am I confused?  Why doesn’t this make sense?  The feeling of confusion is your catalyst to seek clarity, to dig deeper, and to seek your answers. If you don’t then confusion only leads to chaos, and chaos creates more fear.  The Universe is intelligent and nothing is random.  Therefore, its up to you to seek your own meaning and truth during this time.  This is all a part of your spiritual awakening.  The answers you seek are waiting for you.  In this episode I share a few reminders that will help you to move out of confusion into clarity so you can break through the illusion that is holding you back.

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