Getting Through Fear

When I lost my high paying corporate finance job in October of 2016, I chose to see this situation as an opportunity to do something different with my life. For several years, the feeling of wanting to leave the corporate finance world was building within me. At the same time, I also experienced an unexpected desire to write a book but was constantly distracted by my day to day job to seriously put pen to paper. As a result, when I lost my job, I saw this as a sign that it was now time to write my book. While the deepest part of me was grateful for this opportunity that was presenting itself, another part of me was in complete shock. I had never been laid off before. The part of me that identified itself as a finance executive was embarrassed, angry, and afraid. I was afraid of losing my income. Deep down I feared poverty. I feared I would lose everything I had gained and enjoyed in my life.

A few weeks after losing my job, I joined my husband on his work trip to Portugal for a few days. I was excited to get away and I looked forward to finding some inspiration to help me start my book. The first morning of the trip, I awoke paralyzed in fear. Suddenly, I was hit hard with a very strong fear of poverty. The fear was so strong, I could not move. I was terrified. The feeling was so horrible, that I knew I needed to get out of it as quickly as possible. I knew in my heart that what you persistently fear, you will manifest, and I definitely did not want to manifest what I was fearing. So, I tried to mediate but I was unable to calm myself down. I then pulled myself out of bed and decided to just get out and explore the city of Porto. I spent the day walking around and touring the city. At lunchtime, I sat at a café and re-read a self-help book I had with me. The more I just focused on enjoying myself, the better I felt. By the end of the three-day trip, I felt great. By shifting out of fear and into something that served me and made me feel good, I was able to experience the joy of living.

When I returned home, I knew it was time to start writing my book. Throughout my writing process, fear would continue to show up, and thoughts like:

  • You need to get another job.
  • What are you doing?
  • Are you crazy?
  • How are you going to continue supporting your family and the lifestyle you have created?

I knew I could not let fear stop me from moving in the direction my heart was leading me. Fear is a barrier that will always try to stop you from realizing your dreams. I knew I needed to move through the fear and use the energy of fear towards something that helped me move in a new direction vs. keeping me stuck where I was. So, when I felt fear, I would shift the energy into a determined focus on writing. I realized that fear is just a very strong energy that can be used to my benefit if I refocus my attention on to something that serves me (in my case it was writing my book). I was able to complete my book in two months.

Fear is not your friend. Also, fear (if it is not an immediate threat) is not real. It is an energetic barrier that will always test the strength of your desire. Make your desire stronger than your fear. When you start to feel fear, know that you can shift that energy into something that supports you by changing where you place your attention. Shift fear of something negative happening in your life into a determined focus on creating something positive in your life. This is the Key. For example, shift the fear of loss to a focus on gain, or the fear of sickness to a focus on health, or the fear of failure to the focus on success, or the fear of rejection to a focus on acceptance, and so on. If you do this, you will experience your power to create magic.

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