How Your Uncontrolled Thoughts Actually Hurt You

Be mindful of what thoughts dominate your mind space

Thinking is a power we were all given in order to create in this world. Growing up, I had never seen thinking as a Divine creative power and, as a result, I did not know when I was fully utilizing my powers and when I was misusing them. In our connected Universe, our thoughts are the way in which we direct the universal energetic powers to bring our desires into physical form. Our thoughts create in our reality through their own spiritual energy. When you understand and practice correct thinking, you will see you have the power to create anything you truly desire.

Most people think they already know how to think because thinking is something we do automatically. However, by being unconscious that your thoughts create, you have been thinking incorrectly. If you are struggling to achieve something, then you are thinking incorrectly. When you feel fear and anxiety, you are thinking incorrectly. I am sure there are times when you do think correctly and you achieve what you set out to accomplish, but did you know at that time you were thinking correctly? Did you know what you were doing? If you knew what you were doing you would probably be doing it more often. In order to most efficiently and easily create your desires, a mastery of thinking is required. If you master your thinking you will become the master of your life, but to master anything it takes knowledge, discipline, and practice.

When I say that you are not thinking correctly, I mean you are not always consciously thinking and controlling your thoughts. Any thought that is not a controlled, purposeful, and supportive thought, I refer to as an unconscious thought. Unconscious thinking is when your mind is thinking on its own by pulling in thoughts based on past experiences, programmed fears, other people’s ideas, and things buried in your subconscious from your past conditioning. These thoughts are the voices that are constantly talking in your head, filling any void in your mind space. They are always running in the background as mind chatter unless you consciously stop them. Unconscious thinking is not productive thinking. These are the thoughts that cause you to automatically or uncontrollably react to things. These are the thoughts that fill you with unease, fear, anxiety, or stress.

When I rose to the position of chief financial officer in my career, it validated my ability to manifest my desires. My positive thoughts of what I desired to do and where I desired to live manifested in my life sooner and easier than I had expected. In this new position, I found myself in the perfect situation of loving what I did and loving the people I worked with. Interestingly enough, I found myself constantly thinking about how awful my prior boss was and how frustrated and angry he made me feel. When these thoughts and feelings from my past came into my head, I told myself they were helping me appreciate how great my current job was, and I allowed these thoughts to continue racing through my mind. However, I later found out these thoughts were not helping me. A couple months into my new job, all those feelings from my past came into my present. I found myself in a very challenging relationship with a peer at work. It became an intense situation where I was made to feel inferior, and he made several attempts to discredit me. The feelings of anger and frustration felt very familiar to the feelings I had towards my former boss. At first, I could not believe this was happening, and then it hit me that I had created this with my thinking. I knew I did this. My unconscious negative thoughts about my past had created this situation in my present. Not only was I capable of consciously creating good things in my life, I was capable of unconsciously creating negative things.

All thoughts have the power to create, so be mindful of what thoughts dominate your mind space.

Take the time to ask yourself –

What am I thinking right now?

Are these thoughts serving me?

If, the answer is no, stop thinking those thoughts.


Originally published on Thrive Global.

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