Be Aware: You Create Your Reality

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The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing their inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.
– William James (American philosopher, 1842-1910)

Everything you experience is created by YOU. In other words, you create your own reality. Your external world is not separate from you, but it is directly connected to you. There is an energetic and spiritual force that connects everything in this Universe. And it is through this connected energy of all things seen and unseen that you create your reality. This powerful creative energy that emanates from inside of you, molds and shapes the Universe around you. More concisely, it is the energy of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that create all of your external experiences. This is not a theory or a concept; it is a Truth. This knowledge can be found in all religions and spiritual teachings if you dig deep enough. It has been hidden from you and has kept you from becoming your most authentic and liberated self. When you start to see the world in this new empowering way, you will see you have so much more power available to you than you may have previously thought. You will realize that you have the ability to be, do, or experience anything you desire, and the only real work you need to do is to learn HOW to align your inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs CORRECTLY.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

You Are Always Creating

You are always creating your reality whether you like what you are experiencing or not. All of your dominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are creating and impacting your reality in both positive and negative ways. Your positive conscious and directed thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are what allow you to successfully achieve a goal or attain what you desire. Your negative uncontrolled thoughts (mind chatter) or negative conditioned beliefs create unwanted experiences or prevent you from achieving your desires. When you want something and you are unable to achieve it, then your positive thoughts are impacted by negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs. Oftentimes, you do not realize that you are energetically negating your desires, but you are. Similarly, when things seem to work out for you with minimal effort, it is because internally you are in complete energetic alignment. This alignment of positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs creates a powerful energetic force within you that connects with all that is unseen to bring into your physical reality that which you desire.
Think about a time when something worked out for you with very little effort. For example, you landed the right job, found the perfect apartment, met a great partner, got a really good deal on something, and so on. You might think things just worked out and you paid little attention to how and why. However, things happen for a reason. Deep down, you already know this. Your world is not random. The world you live in is intelligent and there is a logic and process by which everything happens. This intelligent process does not work outside of you. It is always directly connected to you and starts from you. This means you are directly responsible for all positive things that happen in your life, and you are responsible for all the negative experiences in your life. While it may be difficult to believe that you create your negative experiences, these are the experiences that teach you about what is within yourself and what new thoughts, desires, or perspectives need to be changed. They can be your catalyst for self-discovery and growth if you see them for what they really are – your creation. When you learn how to consciously create a positive thought with an aligned feeling and belief, you can change any negative circumstance to the positive. The good news is that all thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can be changed, and only you have the power to change what is inside of you.

Correct Thinking

Your real power to create what you desire is through your conscious thinking. Conscious thinking is thinking that is purposeful, positive, and directed by you. These thoughts are your intentions, desires, goals, and ambitions. More importantly, conscious thoughts are aligned with your heart and have the added power of belief and positive emotion in them. They are whole and confident thoughts and they must be aligned with belief and positive emotion or else they will not manifest.
Many times, we think we are consciously thinking, but we are not because our thought is not yet aligned with our beliefs and emotions. This usually happens when we are looking for a change which is different from what we have experienced before. You may say you want an abundance of money, a successful career, a new relationship, a life of happiness, a peaceful society, and so forth, but do you fully believe that something new is possible? Do you believe it in your heart? If your desires are not manifesting then your inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions are out of alignment. There are unconscious or negative thoughts blocking your positive desires. The biggest barriers to your desires are fear and doubt. You need to really assess the beliefs and emotions you have around your desires. You cannot doubt your ability to create. Conscious thoughts need to be confident with a faith that the spiritual forces of the Universe are working on your behalf. Know that you have the ability to change any belief and emotion to your benefit. If you want something new, do not let your past experiences control your beliefs. Instead, believe in who you really are – a powerful and Divine creator of your reality.

Practice Creating Your Reality

Before you start your day, find a few minutes to sit quietly with your eyes closed. Relax your body and begin to become aware of your thoughts clearing your mind space of unconscious thinking. When you are completely relaxed and alert, use the following process to bring your desire into your reality.

Step 1: Set an intention for your day– think it, really feel it in your body, and believe it. You must believe it. Pick something that is possible but not guaranteed like giving a successful presentation, solving a work problem, experience your children getting along, etc.

Step 2: Express gratitude – be grateful as if you already experienced what you desire.

Step 3: Detach from your intention and the outcome of your day. This means you must not doubt your ability to create your desire. Do not let negative thinking stop the creation of your positive intention.

Step 4: Follow through on any actions required in your day that are aligned with your intention.

Spend no more than a couple minutes on steps one through three. Get clear, feel good, be thankful, and then release. The goal is for you to practice your creative abilities of consciously bringing into your reality that which you desire. By practicing on simple things, you will begin to build up the confidence and belief to create bigger things in your life. You will soon discover your own inner power to consciously create your reality.


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