Groundhog Day and Breaking the Cycle

Groundhog Day and Breaking the Cycle

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In this episode I talk about one of my favorite movies from 1993, Groundhog Day, and how the wisdom in this comedic movie is very relevant to what we are experiencing today.  When I saw this movie many years ago, I only viewed it as funny and entertainment.  However, I see so much more in it now.  As everyday feels the same and we grow tired of this new cycle of reality, this movie is a reminder of what really needs to change before the world can change.  As the chaos continues outside of us, we are being asked to go within and change ourselves.  Now is a time to listen to how you are being guided and follow your intuition.  Change is inevitable.  By embracing and accepting the fact that we must change, you can break free from feeling stuck and move forward in a much better way.  In this episode I share a few takeaways from the movie that I believe are very helpful in navigating the challenges we are personally feeling at this time, so everyday will stop feeling like Groundhog Day.

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