Interview on Laura Tucker’s Free Your Inner Guru Podcast

I had the pleasure of talking with Laura Tucker on her Free Your Inner Guru Podcast. I shared my own journey from the corporate world to finding my own Hidden Light. I also discuss my daily strategies and tools that I use to stay connected with my inner guidance. She was an incredible host and I truly appreciate her taking the time to speak with me.

Key Highlights from the Interview:

  • Challenges I faced as I embraced my spirituality
  • Why publishing Chapter 2 of Your Hidden Light initially felt like a risk for me
  • Why you must be in energetic alignment with your desire and then detach from it
  • How to protect your gratitude energy
  • Why you can’t play the game of reverse psychology with the Universe.
  • I share my daily tools and strategies to stay connected with my inner guidance

You can listen to the podcast over on Laura’s website. And be sure to comment on her post with your biggest challenge in embracing your spirituality!

Listen to the interview

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